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it’s all very exciting, being part of the inaugural annual anthology of literary works written by our very own yale-nus students. part of the first class? well, another inaugural thing you can be part of. not part of the first class? this is your chance to be part of the inaugural something. apart from literally seeing your words on printed paper, contributors will also receive one copy of the anthology to be kept! you may also see your work in the lifts, as part of the literature column in the octant… so many possibilities!

the deadline for submissions is the 15th of January 2017, 2359. we accept not just prose and poetry, but also anything that can be printed.

here are the submission guidelines:

  • subject of the email: [anthology submission: genre]
  • file format: .docx and .pdf
  • document title: [title of work(s)]
  • formatting: sensible 12-point font
  • poetry: up to 5 poems
  • prose: up to 5000 words, double-spaced
  • other printables: up to 5000 words
  • **note that 5000 is a MAXIMUM, not a minimum. we accept shorter pieces as well!

**do not include your name or any identifying information in the document title or in the document itself!
we will be doing blind submissions to ensure a fair selection process.

thinking of entering your work into the literary competition by the writers’ centre and wondering if you have to choose between the two?

don’t worry, you can submit to both places and have the chance see your work printed on  r e a l  good solid paper, in addition to potentially winning the writers’ centre’s prize. simultaneous submissions are cool as well, just let us know and we’ll celebrate with you! we also accept reprints, but you must retain or have regained the rights to your work.

we endeavor to respond to submissions as soon as we can, but on the off chance it’s been too long, feel free to drop us a poke via email!

while it is tempting to wait till the last minute, please don’t keep us waiting for long. delayed gratification is not very fun.
*we really look forward to reading your work.

if you have any questions or concerns, send them our way through <>! alternatively, send any of our exco members a PM on facebook or your preferred messaging platforms (al lim, teo xiao ting, min lim, and paul jerusalem).

happy writing!

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